Welcome to conversAItions - Your AI Meeting Companion

conversAItions enhances your meeting experience by providing real-time, AI-powered assistance. It helps you by prompting relevant questions, fact-checking information on the fly, and taking notes automatically, allowing you to focus on the conversation. This tool is designed to streamline your meetings and make them more productive and engaging.

Important Compatibility Information

Please note that conversAItions is optimised for use in Google Chrome due to its reliance on Google's speech recognition technology. Additionally, the application requires ambient audio to function and cannot process audio from headphones.

How It Works

To support these features, conversAItions utilises a token-based system where each active AI card—such as dynamic questions, fact-checking, and note-taking—consumes tokens. This system ensures that resources are used efficiently and allows you to manage how and when features are deployed during your meetings.

Token Deduction System Overview

The token deduction system automatically reduces the number of tokens in a user's account based on their active AI card usage. The deduction rate is influenced by the type of API key a user opts to utilise and the total number of active AI cards.

Deduction Rates

  • conversAItions API Key (default): Each active AI card deducts 2 tokens per 30-second interval while listening.
  • Own API Key: Each active AI card deducts 1 token per 30-second interval while, halving the deduction rate of the conversAItions API key setup.
"The system is designed to adjust dynamically based on the user's settings and AI card activity, ensuring accurate token management."

Time Until Token Depletion

The application calculates how long the user's tokens will last based on the current deduction rate. This estimate updates in real-time and is presented to the user to provide transparency and control over their token usage.

Monitoring and Adjustments

Users can actively monitor their token status and estimated depletion time through the application's user interface, where updates occur dynamically as conditions change. Future updates will include adjustable frequency settings to provide even greater control over token deductions.